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Chief Executive Officer & Owner


Hello, I am David Etmenan, the Chief Executive Officer & Owner of the NOVUM Hospitality – one of the largest hotel groups in Germany. Our family-managed NOVUM Hospitality looks after currently 170 hotels and more than 22,500 rooms at over 65 locations throughout Europe. Since 2004 the company is successfully expanding. In addition to my expansion activities, I am a passionate race car driver.

My History

It became clear to me at an early stage that I would follow in my father’s footsteps and become a hotelier. In 2000, I joined the family company just before beginning my studies in business administration at the Nordakademie. My focus was on the development of a central administration. Today, as the CEO & Owner of the NOVUM Hospitality, I am responsible for the dynamically growing group‘s strategy, finance, sales and expansion.

01/2004 – now

Chief Executive Officer & Owner of the NOVUM Hospitality

Studies at Fachhochschule Nordakademie Elmshorn

My Skills

Hotel management, business management, real estate management, expansion management, sales and corporate strategy, hotel marketing, new business development, tourism, strategic planning, joint ventures, budget, revenue analysis, investment properties, financial analysis, customer service.

German (mother tongue) // Farsi (fluent) // English (fluent) // French (proficient) // Spanish (proficient)




NOVUM Hospitality is a family-run hotel group in Germany. The hotel group was established in 1988 with the first hotels by Nader Etmenan in Hamburg. Following the handing over of management to his sons Mortesa and David, the acquisition of additional hotels in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg took place in 2004. Since then the company has been expanding nationwide under the lead of David Etmenan. The hotels are 3* to 4* with with character in the center of German cities appealing to both tourists and business guests alike.
The focus is on the expansion of a high-yield real estate portfolio with a clear strategy on object appreciation. As end investors, we are always looking for an optimal return on equity in combination with the lowest possible risk.
We invest and make our hotels strong for the future. The internal general contractor of the Novum Hospitality, covers with qualified employees a wide range of services around the topic of construction, redevelopment and renovation projects. Through the work of professionals with years of experience, all our objects profit from a significant increase of value.
Hotels with character, high-yield investment properties with potential for capital appreciation as well as the professional supervision of our own real estate portfolio, ensuring lean processes with our IT Department and a steady revenue growth – these are the four pillars of the NOVUM Hospitality.

NOVUM Hospitality
An der Alster 63
D-20099 Hamburg



I support the following foundations and clubs with great commitment
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To honor thankful lifetime achievement of my father, I settled the private foundation ‘Nader Etmenan Stiftung’ focusing on support for migrant’s children thankful.
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In addition to his business activities, my father Nader Etmenan, the founder of Novum Hospitality, has always committed himself to support others, who are in need of help. Inspired by his social commitment, I also decided to help people in need. He is convinced that people who are able to actively organise their own lives will be satisfied and successful. Sometimes they lack a bit of luck. Sometimes they do not have enough financial resources, or they have to leave their home and have to start another life abroad. Sometimes the environment in which a person grows up and lives affect negatively one’s own development. I want to give this missing bit of luck to the people so that they can arrange their own lives towards happiness.
To follow this affair of his heart, I established the Nader Etmenan Foundation in 2015 and dedicated it to my father for his life’s work. My vision is to live in a society in which mutual helpfulness, harmony, cultural diversity, tolerance and equal opportunities prevail. My intention is to use all the resources available to me and the foundation to achieve this vision. This is why the foundation follows the motto „Tackling instead of looking away“ and supports people who are willing to actively shape their own path of life.


I actively participate in the following associations and institutions
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